Electric Motor, Generator & Pump Repair Services

Pennsylvania Electric Motor Service provides comprehensive electric motor, generator and pump repair services for industrial customers in Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western New York.

As a leading provider of electric motor, generator and pump repair and maintenance services, PA Electric Motor Service has developed a reputation for going beyond customer expectations, by solving machinery breakdowns in a timely manner using high-quality materials, best practices and the right type and amount of interaction and communication with the client – all at a competitive price.

In addition to solving your motor and pump problems, we’ll get to the root cause to prevent those breakdowns from recurring.

We provide services to a wide variety of  industries, including:

Metals Oil pipelines
Steel Natural gas drilling and piping
Aluminum Chemicals
Brass Petrochemical
Pulp and paper Plastics
Automotive manufacturing Municipal water and sewer
Printing Electric power generation
HVAC Rail and shipping

For more information about how to solve your electric motor, generator and industrial pump repair and maintenance needs, contact PA Electric Motor Service.

New Product Sales


  • Electric motor and generator repair;
  • Motor and generator rewinding;
  • Electric and mechanical upgrades and redesigns;
  • On-site electric motor and pump repairs, rebuilds, testing, maintenance and replacement;
  • New product sales, including electric motors, generators, industrial pumps and valves;
  • Subcontracted manufacturing of electric motors and generators.